Sophisticated and Functional T-House in Thailand

Most of the modern homes of today commonly designate a certain area or room for their office. Homeowners considered having a separate room where they can continue their assignment or project and where they can conveniently work. Home office indeed becomes part of the features usually requested by the client to have a complete and innovative house design. Today we will witness how the designer successfully accomplished the demands of the client for his house.

The house is designed intently for an office, a warehouse, plus a residence for family expansion. According to the owner of the house the main functions of the house was to support her family business which is a cloth wholesaler from Pratunam District. This house is named as the T-House which is completed in 2010 in Tha Sai, Thailand. Let us see how the designer responded to the request of the client through the images of the house below.

T House See how this simple edifice keeps the amazing spaces in the indoors that may certainly attracts their guests.

Sophisticated house design This three-storey house building may certainly offer the requirements requested by the homeowner to the designer.

Thailand See how the shapes and textures may still be presented at the rooftop of the house.

wood deck At the entrance, the homeowner can immediately feel the comfort and relaxing mood behind the simple geometrical shape utilized here.

entertainment area In the living space, the designer creatively combine the different shapes of the furniture as well as the appliances that improve its look.

window seat Who will not say that this space shows the real meaning of comfort and simplicity?

family room Here is one of the relaxing spaces in the house where they can use as an entertainment room for the family.

dining table Built in wooden table set in this area complements with the shape and style of the sofa in the living space.

staircase working area Spotted here is the office area for the family where they can experience the sustainable light in a spacious location in the house.

ceiling design The issue of energy-saving may be resolved from this zone where sustainable light may be more accessible.

working desk Exquisite design of the chairs set in the office space also enhances the look and charm of this area.

staircase See how the stairs uniquely set in this area where the client can enjoy the different levels of the house.

bedroom Simple and huge white bed in this bedroom proves the modern and minimal bedroom concept.

conference room Large windows in the dining space allow the sustainable light to reduce the energy consumption in the house.

outdoor design When late afternoon comes, the lights installed in every parts of the house underline its sophistication.

T House When night comes, the geometric shape of the house building was underlined for its remarkable forms and textures.

As we have seen the images of this house, we can say that with the 500 square meters house program, its layout especially for the homeowners business was successfully achieved. What really captures my attention from the above features of the house is the Jai Baan or a heart of the house which is located at the heart of this two-storey house. I like the way it connects the working spaces between two floors together, the main working area on the ground floor and the executive office on the second floor. We hope that you have learned something new today from the NOTDS ideas and concept when it comes to connecting the office area into the living spaces.