Peculiar Qualities of the Silver Strand Beach House in California

We always search for more extraordinary features in the house to let us feel the extraordinary experience in staying there. We think that unique elements may certainly provide us a peculiar feeling and comfort. Today, we will witness how the designer apply the extraordinary elements to create a very exceptional character of a modern house. This house is better known as the Silver Strand Beach House.

This is a home for a family set in Oxnard, California and this amazingly revealed the sculpted interior. The bottom level is a combination of a colored glass tiles that provides a captivating lightness and incandescence. This has two levels, the second floor is actually an expansive and complex composition of intersecting ceiling planes, framed openings and the waves in the ocean. Let us scroll down the page and see the amazing features of the house through the images below.

Silver Strand Beach House Exceptional shapes and forms of the house building highly underline its modern design.

California Volumes and geometric forms of the house create a captivating style in the exterior.

red exterior wall A special zone in the house where the client can fully enjoy the surroundings.

pixelated wall Rough texture also underscores the elegance and artistic feature of this wall here.

staircase pixel wall From the first level of the house, the second level may be accessible by these wooden staircase.

kitchen In the kitchen, the sink utilized the mosaic tiles of red, white and grey palette that enhances the area.

kitchen accessories Take a look at the trendy and stylish kitchen accessories in this smooth kitchen cabinet that made this functional and attractive.

couch dining area A small space intended for the dining area where the client can still feel the comfort..

glazed large windows From the interior, the client may still surprisingly take the full advantage of the beach views for its glazed windows and doors.

bedroom fireplace Fire place is also one of the best features of this colorful bedroom.

cool beach house bedroom Cool and fashionable bedroom match perfectly with the beach themed design of the house.

Villa Criss Cross Huge mirror also secures the modern and contemporary style of the bathroom.

spacious bathroom A huge bath tub and shower room is secured in this spacious bathroom.

bathroom shower As you can see even in this bathroom, the client may still access the beautiful sight of the beach.

bathroom sink Mosaic tiles and design provides an artistic and fabulous style and texture of the walls in this bathroom.

Silver Strand Beach House At night, we can also experience the serenity and tranquility from the garage area of the house.

The images presented above reveals the exceptional features of this house. I personally admired how the Robert Kerr Architecture created the two levels of the house. Its details are truly extraordinary and the client may certainly enjoy the comfort from it. The major formal manipulations are the result of the site’s intersecting views from the Channel Island Marina to the Pacific is one of the best characters shown here. We hope that you will not just appreciate the details of this house but also apply in your future house, too.