Bach House Embraces an Old Fig Tree in Queensland, Australia

The house has a cantilevered area above a creek, isn't that cool?

I have seen many homes that were designed around a tree or considered the location of old trees in their construction. It is a good move because it shows concern to nature while making a dwelling place for man. Some would build a house around the tree, allowing the tree to poke out of the house. Still others create a courtyard around it while some would make it a highlight or an important part of their yard. There are many ways to do it just like the house that we are going to feature today.

The Bach House in Queensland, Australia was designed to embrace and enhance a magnificent 100 year old fig tree which is seen at the center of the site. It became the focal point for the design of this modern home. Living spaces in the house has views of the surrounding and connects to the mounded lawn that flows gently down towards the tree. An elongated plan containing a central spine separating living areas to the north and wet areas to the south maximize the views toward the fig tree and distant hills. Along the spine are courtyards and breezeways that are making the most of natural light and cross-ventilation. There is also a creek bed that divides the site that was embraced as another unique aspect. It also features a cantilevered part over the bank edge where the creek is flowing, containing the master bedroom. The location and design of the master bedroom area further strengthen the connection of the house to the site’s beautiful landscape. The home encompasses passive environmental design principles and is also totally self sufficient (off the grid). All its main services that include generating solar power, onsite effluent treatment and rainwater collection are supplied on its own. Apart from that, the home has a beautiful sleek modern design.

Location: Queensland, Australia

Designer: Jamison Architects

Style: Modern

Number of Levels: One-storey

Unique feature: A modern home with a cantilevered part that goes over a cliff. It is designed with consideration to an old tree as well as its surrounding environment.

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The house has a long rectangular design with wooden and concrete materials. It is surrounded with sliding glass doors and windows that bring light and ventilation to the entire house. You can also notice that the land is not leveled and there is a fire pit where the family can sit around during the night.

Jamison Architects

A creek runs below the cantilevered area of the house where the bedrooms are located. It has glass doors too like the other areas of the house. Notice that it has wooden flooring and concrete roofing.

Bach House

Outdoors, you will see the old olive tree that provides a huge shade in the area. Instead of bricks or stones, it used wood as a walkway for the outdoor area.

Bach House architecture

The house has a balcony or terrace with wooden flooring which is the same as what is used in the interior. The outdoor part is seamlessly connected to the interior of this modern home.

Bach House interior

The interior of the house has a brick inspired look for the fireplace to mimic traditional brick mantle. The geometric area rug adds artistic flare to the living area where a red sofa is located. Throw pillows of geometric design are also seen in the space.

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Bach House kitchen

The kitchen has white cabinets and storage spaces as well as green backsplash made of glass. It has a concrete kitchen island with white upholstered counter height stools with stainless stand. There are beautiful simple looking pendant lights in white.

Bach House bedroom

Just off the bedroom is a balcony with wooden flooring. From the bedroom, one can access the outdoor space through a sliding glass door. On one side are glass louver windows that stand from floor to ceiling.

Bach House bathroom

This is the bathroom of the house with wooden vanity and storage area areas as well as dark gray backsplash. Above the sinks are mirrors that allow light to bounce around the area. There is also a louvered window in the bathroom too.

Bach House bathroom white

Another bathroom in the house with cute wall decors and a louvered window. It has white vanity as well as a white rectangular bath tub too. Modern fixtures are added in this space.

Bach House sliding door

To add privacy to the house, a wooden door can be closed just behind the glass sliding doors. You can also see here the most unique feature of the house which is the old olive tree that stands tall and proud outdoors.

I like the idea of making a single storey family home that contains everything the client needs. This house is designed by Jamison Architects that has an old tree standing beautifully on the outdoor area. The client and owner of the house were apparently happy with the look of their new home saying, “The house design just really works. It feels great and is such an enjoyable home to live in. It was designed to suit our budget, it maximized and exceeded our expectations of what could be achieved on our site and what our new home could be.” You got that from the owner of the house who actually utilizes the home and dwells in it. For us who have just seen the house in photos, it is already a beautiful home that could serve as an inspiration.