Contemporary Design of the State Street Townhouse in New York

Whenever we hear or even read the word New York City, most of the time, we think of the city’s luxury, glamorous homes and wealthy lifestyle. As we can relate it to the historical background of the city, a townhouse is not really compatible with a contemporary family’s way of life. But today we will show you a contemporary house design settled in the New York City. We will find out how the designer relates its design to the classic context of NYC.

As an abstract re-interpretation of the classic Brownstone Townhouse, from the materiality to the alignment of the façade elements, we can see how the designers make the most of his effort to come up with an elegant and classy house design. This house is named as the State Street Townhouse. The architect said that the design of the exterior areas of the house were as important as the interiors. As a couple with three kids the client needed to have as much patio areas as possible. Let us scroll down the page to see more of the different classy areas of the townhouse through the images below.

State Street Townhouse Concrete and glass materials in this house building are important to emphasize the features of a comfortable town home.

small wooden door A small wooden door in the entrance may reveal the most significant secrets of the house interior.

sustainable features Chosen materials utilized in the house building provided the durable and sustainable features that the client requested of.

essential furniture Even if the house has a limited space, the designer made use of the space to secure the essential furniture and accessories in the house.

home accessories A state-of-the-art accessories and decors are used in the dining and kitchen space in the interior that made this attractive.

interior design Black, red and grey color maximized in the interior creates a very simple but relaxing space in the house as well.

kitchen When you enter the house, you may directly see the kitchen, dining and living areas for its limited space.

technological device Modern and high technological device are also used in this area that keeps the modern theme in this kitchen.

glassed door The exterior may also be viewed from this bedroom because of the glassed door in the terrace.

glazed wall Floor-to-ceiling glazed wall is used in the bedroom to allow the homeowner to enjoy the views outside even in the morning.

Brick tiles design Brick tiles design used in this limited space bathroom shows an artistic and livelier mood here.

Large glassed walls Large glassed walls are provided in the bathroom to let the client see what is happening outside even if he is relaxing in the tub.

Modern chairs Modern chairs are secured in the terrace to let the client experience the fresh air and natural light during day time.

natural light Here is evidence that the designer secure a neat and clean place for the homeowner to stay during weekend.

State Street Townhouse Let’s take a glance at the incredible and awesome house building from its exterior.

With the help of the above images, we have seen how Ben Hansen Architect carefully utilized the elements that may help in securing comfort and elegance in the townhouse despite of its location in the busy city. What appeals me most in the house design is the patio area where the designer did their best to allocate a space in the exterior that will be best for relaxing space during weekends. The furniture used in the interior also speaks of real comfort and charm in the house. We hope that we have given you another set of inspirations that you may use in your dream home in the city where you are currently working.