Flawless Materials in the House 090 in Italy

In choosing the best private residence, we have considered different kinds of furniture and materials that will make our house livelier and lovelier. These may not be the best materials or the best furniture in the world but at least these will make our home comfortable. Today we will show how the designer made use of the materials and furniture which perfectly made this private apartment into a more elegant and comfortable one. This apartment is named as the House 090.

House 090 was built in Porto Recanati, Italy in 2012. Well according to the designer, the availability of space for this home intended for a young family actually allowed an informal approach, relationship spaces oriented. As we can see the living area, this flawlessly brings entrance, lounge, dining room and kitchen. These have the same spaces which also connect with the upper level with the extraordinary design and style here. Scroll down the page and see the different areas of the apartment through the images below.

Flawless Materials Take a look at this grey sofa that remarkably harmonizes with the white palette applied in the interior.

Italy home design A surprising and fashionable landscape at the entrance also is one of the captivating zones in the house.

living space Shapes and lines in the living space highlighted the careful planning and design implementation here.

Modern home technology Modern and high technological device utilized in the living space enhances its mood and appearance.

contrasted texture Take a look at the walls and ceiling with its contrasted texture and palette of black and white.

wooden table See this wooden table that perfectly harmonized with the plain white chairs here.

chandelier design The curve seen from the chandelier and chairs in this lovely dining table speaks of comfort and luxury, too.

Trendy design Trendy design of the chandelier in the upper level highlighted its exquisite and sophisticated look.

fashionable accessories Colorful and fashionable accessories and wall art made this area lovelier.

House 090 We can see how the designer maximized the available space in the upper level of the apartment for its highlighted features here.

bedroom Leaves designed in the wall of this bedroom harmonized with the bed sheets and brown wooden floors.

bathroom The smooth and trendy fixture contrasted the rough and stoned designed wall in this bathroom.

powder area Clean and neat powder area may explain how the designer and client collaborated to make this bathroom hygienic and classy.

Lighting system Lighting system utilized in the bathroom adds elegance and fashion in its details.

House 090 A combination of dark and bright colors made this spa area comfortable and unique.

Definitely, through the above images, we can see how the Coolstoodio Associati perfectly utilized materials in the private spaces. This apartment is really inspired by the use of products, materials and finishes that suggest a quiet elegance and strongly characterize each part of the environment. I personally like the SPA room in which a stone monolith incorporates paddling pool and shower. We are sure that you may also be inspired of using these kinds of materials in your house that will reveal the comfort and classy features that you dreamed of.