16 Ways to Light Your Home’s Foyer

A foyer is a rectangular room at the front door of the house. The living room, dining room, family room and other public rooms in the house are usually connected to the foyer along with the stairway. It is commonly used for hanging or storing jackets or coats and umbrellas. Also, it separates the heated rooms from the front door during winter season.

Since a foyer is the first thing that guests sees, why not put some lighting there to set a tone for the rest of the house. So, for today’s showcase, we will present to you 16 Foyer Lighting ideas that you can apply to your own home.

Oxford Development

bright chandelier

Oxford Development

Using two bright chandelier is a must for a long foyer room like this order to light up the entire hallway.

Kiawah Island Preserve Riverfront

foyer lighting

Island Architects

Though this foyer has a single bright room it still makes the hallway lively.

Moraya Bay Models-Naples, Florida

chandelier design

Renee Gaddis Interiors

The lights of the chandelier make “shadow-effects” from the chandelier design which gives off an elegant feeling to the foyer.

Classical Twist: A Modern Townhouse with Traditional Reference


MacCaul Turner Design

Though it is daytime, the glow from the chandelier and the up lights at the front door still brighten up the hallway.

Elemental Design LLC

elemental design

Elemental Design

A chandelier, wall sconces and a lamp can be used for a simple foyer lighting.


lighting design

New Gard Custom Homes

By looking at this foyer, lighting can simply bring out the true beauty of the area.

Exquisite Interiors in Minneapolis

exquisite interiors

Space Crafting

The colour that the lighting of this foyer gives off goes well to the design and colour of the foyer.

Contemporary Entry Contemporary Entry other Metro

wall sconces

Inter Design Studio

The light that the chandelier and the wall sconces gives off compliment to the foyer color.

Cascade Model Traditional Entry Minneapolis

cascade model

Werschay Homes

Using this kind of lighting can still light up the whole foyer even if it is still daytime.

Hallway Traditional Hall Charleston

Three chandelier

Phillip Smith Contractor

Three chandelier and a wall sconce is appropriate for this long sized foyer to brighten up the whole room.

Entry Rustic Entry Boston


Rachel Reider

Combination of two bright chandeliers and two lamps is fitting for this kind of spacious foyer.

Entry Foyer Traditional Entry Omaha

entry foyer

Bruce Frasier Architects P.C.

The lighting position of this foyer is in the right place because it can light up both the stairway and the front door.

Fisher Island Traditional Hall Miami

fisher island

Causa Design Group

The light combination emitted by the chandelier and the lamp can well-lit a high ceiling foyer.

Coastal Eclectic Contemporary Entry Jacksonville

coastal eclectic

Amanda Webster Design

The combination of the chandelier, wall sconces and lamp is just perfect for this high ceiling foyer.

Simple Foyer Lighting

simple foyer lighting

Amanda Webster Design

The lighting for this foyer compliments the whole hallway.

White Light Foyer Lighting

white light foyer lighting

Jane Lockhart

Jane Lockhart’s lighting design for this foyer is simple and heartwarming.

Having a lighting for your foyer is such a good choice especially when guests visits your home. It is a good choice because it is the first thing that they see. And also, it makes the hallway cozier and inviting for them. So, how about that? Itching to try out these simple lighting for your foyer? So, why not give it a try to make your foyer livelier and to make visitors feel welcome once they set foot in your house. You can also check some foyer designs other than the ones you have seen above.