15 Sliding Glass Doors Design

Sliding glass doors are efficient, space saving and minimal. They are perfect for homes with minimal space since the door can close and open without being too bulky on the space. Sliding glass doors also allows a lot of natural light that illuminates the home, as well as a lot of fresh air. They are usually large and mostly twice as large as regular doors, so it would be easy to pass through it or even move things around. They also give the impression and illusion of more space since glass creates optical illusions, a very great idea for small rooms to make it seem larger and comfortable.

Today, we are featuring 15 Sliding Glass Doors Design. Sliding glass doors can be placed almost anywhere in a home, from a bedroom door, to a bathroom door or even as a divider between a living room and a patio. Wherever sliding glass doors are placed, check out this article for more insight and inspiration for your next project.

The Kuppersmith Home

Sliding Glass Doors

Phantom Screens

This elegant custom- designed sliding door opens up to the patio of the house with its double doors. It has screens retracted out of sight when not in use and the glass doors are gorgeous.

Hinge House

bedroom door

LLB Architects

A perfect idea for a bedroom door, since sliding glass doors saves space and lets in light. It is modern and beautiful all the same.

Tarrytown Pavilion

sectional sliders

Steinbomer, Bramwell & Vrazel Architects

The sliding glass doors are in sectional sliders, instead of a folding door idea that is great for a living room that opens up to the pool since it has a minimalist look to it. The glass lets in light and allows one to view the pool from inside the house.

Eastern Point Pool Retreat


Flavin Architects

Looking through those sliding glass doors into a beautiful view is not just relaxing, but satisfying as well. Those doors are well placed and elegant.

Diva Air- Sliding System for Glass Doors

modern idea

AFFurniture Inc.

An elegant and modern idea for a sliding glass door that would be perfect for a bathroom or a bedroom, made more beautiful by exposed sliding tracks characterized by simple lines.

Home Office and Bedroom

bedroom ideas

Kristen Rivoli Interior Design

A great idea for a bedroom that is connected to an office, since the sliding glass doors are not only dividers, they also save space and provides direct access to each of the rooms.

Hover House 3

stainless steel door

Glen Irani Architects

This sliding glass door is simple but made elegant with stainless steel door handle and blends well with the green walls of the room.

Magic Vetro VB- Concealed Sliding System for Glass Door

Sliding Glass Doors

AFFurniture Inc.

Concealing sliding door with “magic” sliding system, since the lower and upper tract system that is invisible. Great trick, isn’t it?

Gulf Harbour

large door system

BTS Construction Ltd

This large sliding glass door system opens up to the patio of the house, and is lovely with white siding that blends well with the home.

Twin Glass Sliding Door

cracked design

Cristallo SP

Twin sliding glass doors with a twist on the glass, the added cracked design is eye-catching and adds a bit of privacy.

DOL Metal Sliding Door

double panel

Aldena Windows and Doors

Single and double panel exposed sliding doors that save space as well as being simple and elegant. Perfect doors for a minimalist inspired contemporary home.

Door Model “DOL”- Sliding Version

steel frame

Aldena Windows and Doors

An elegant double sliding glass door with steel frame in polished siding that perfectly fits into the look of this contemporary inspired home.

Encino Modern

mid-century modern idea

Tracy Stone AIA

A mid-century modern home design idea with large sliding glass doors that opens the room into the garden. Simply, a beautiful idea to appreciate the beauty of one’s garden, but still manages to have a division through those lovely sliding glass doors.

Dayoris Sliding Doors

mini library

Dayoris Doors / Panels

Sliding glass doors that are perfect for a closet or a mini library since the glass is frosted that offers privacy.

Lagoon House

Sliding Glass Doors

Garry Hutton

A sliding glass door that connects that interior with the exterior of this lovely nature inspired modern home. The glass doors blends smoothly into the home.

It is always a great idea to add sliding glass doors to one’s home. They have a certain charm and elegance that a lot of people love in a home. Most importantly, they gives you visibility on what is going on outside of your home since it allows you to look through it, but still allows a lot of privacy and safety. You may also check bay window ideas if you’re looking for interior window designs.