10 Essential Tips for Adding a Family Room

Most homes have the basic parts of the house like the bedroom, living room, kitchen, dining area and bathroom. But there are others whose homes are blessed with more spaces. And this can be used in many different ways. The space could either be a certain area in your open layout interior or a basement, a mezzanine or another room. So, if you have this, why not turn it into a family room? Other families even extend their homes for a family room.

When you decide to add a family room, it could be one of the best decisions you can make for your home because it can be an amazing space that you can use for entertainment and relaxation and it is a perfect multipurpose gathering space that suits to the lifestyle of modern families. Other than that, you don’t need to spend much for a family room too. You won’t need any plumbing fixtures or even major appliances. Merely adding comfy seats and a television can do the job. Other than that, you have to consider some points for adding a family room in the house which we will share with you below.

family room tips

1. Asses your home.

Asses your home

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Take a good look at your house. Do you have an existing space that you can use as a family room? It could be anywhere that is accessible. It would be best if it is near the kitchen so you can create a single, multipurpose gathering area. You can also use a room that isn’t occupied. If you do not have enough space, then you can consider, adding an extension. Others would add a screen or even walls to a porch to use them as a family room.

2. Know what is involved.

Know what is involved

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Now that you have determined where to add a family room, you have to be completely aware of what is involved with the addition. Aside from the cost it would entail, you have to consider the expansion of your heating and cooling system. You have to see to it too that there are convenience outlet in the area as well as lighting. But if you are merely using a space in your home, then this wouldn’t be a big matter. Having an extension would totally mean a different thing.

3. Decide on what you want for the space.

Decide on what you want for the space

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How do you want your family room to look like? Does it need to be spacious? Do you want it to have some privacy so you can have a good time relaxing or watching movies or chatting with friends without disturbing others? Do you want it to be just near the kitchen and other areas that you access the most? Do you want it to be open or would have a wall screen or it would be in a totally different room?

4. Make the look coherent.

Make the look coherent

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Even if the family room is just an addition, see to it that the design and the look continues the appeal of other areas of the house. For instance, you used wooden flooring throughout the interior, use that in the family room too. If you have a shabby chic feel in your home, let that be mirrored in the new space too. Also, you can take note of colors that you can use for the family room that were also used in other areas of the house.

5. Check electrical wirings.

Check electrical wirings

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You have to make sure that your electrical wiring are properly installed. If you don’t have sockets for lighting or convenience outlets, then let an electrician install one. Make sure you have decided what appliances to use in the family room and where to place it to make sure the electrician could install what is need. For instance, decide where to put your television, DVD player and others. Don’t forget the ceiling speakers and cable box as well.

6. Install ample lighting.

Install ample lighting

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The area has to be well-lighted. Aside from a direct light from a chandelier or pendant light, you can also add floor lamps and table lamps as well. Or you can get chandeliers with dimmers. Doing this will bring drama to the family room. There would be instances when you want a dimmer light while you are watching movies or just cuddling with your partner. You can also turn off other glaring lights and just leave a dim light from the floor lamp, table lamp or wall sconces.

7. See to it that it is well ventilated.

 See to it that it is well ventilated

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No one wants to stay in a space that is hot or too cold. So, make sure that you have a heating and cooling system in the space. This way, it would be more comfortable and cozy to stay in the area. Proper ventilation is one thing that you have to add in your checklist.

8. Insulate your family room.

Insulate your family room

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You can also consider insulating your family room. When you do that, insulate the exterior and interior. This way, you can reduce the noise from the family room when you are watching movies or having guests late at night. You wouldn’t want to disturb sleeping kids and other members of the family who wanted to get some rest.

9. Add other perks.

Add other perks

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Aside from a television and DVD, you can also add more fun to your family room by bringing in other sources of entertainment. Yes, you can pile up some board games too. You can also add a shelf of books to read. If your family room is a huge space, you can also add a play area for kids so that all of you can have a good time in the same area.

10. Consider connecting it to an outdoor space.

Consider connecting it to an outdoor space

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Doing this will make you feel even relaxed. A folding door or a sliding door could be best to create a connection from the family room to the outdoor space. This could make the room appear even larger and could serve as an extension of your family room. Guests would certainly have a good time both in the garden or patio and in the family room too.

So, are you thinking of adding a family room to your house? We hope the tips we have above would help you. Make sure that you consult experts to design the project especially if you are going to build an extension. A major project like this one could increase the value of your home. When you decide to sell your house in the future, this will surely affect its sale-ability. Indeed, a family room is a good investment because aside from the advantages in the future, it can also provide a space for bonding and fun for the entire family.