Hsieh’s House Interior Renovation with Added Light and Verve

It is important that a house is well lighted for it can affect the aura of the entire place. As a matter of fact, it can have influence to the inhabitants too. Just like what happened to this featured house we have today. Before its renovation, its interior had a dark environment because the walls interferes the entry of light. With that, it caused a depressing feeling to those who live there. But when the interior was renovated, a huge difference was seen in the house.

We are talking about the Hsieh’s House located in Kaohsiung, Taiwan. To solve the primary issue of the interior, the public zone was brought to the middle of the interior for it is where the greatest amount of daylight could get through. Bedrooms were placed on both sides with ample windows too. With this new layout, an open space was achieved allowing better interaction between the families. It also promotes unhindered flow of traffic and views all throughout the house. Now it is time to enjoy a virtual tour of Hsieh’s House!

House Design

Upon entering the house, you will be welcomed by this entryway. That red poodle sculpture is an eye turner! We also like the idea of adding that wooden bench that doubles as a shelf on the wall.

Hsiehs House

What you see here is the living area and kitchen that sure is flooded with light from the windows. Painting one wall with chalkboard paint can let people in the house express themselves just like what you can see in the kitchen.

Kaohsiung, Taiwan

Aside from being lighted, the interior also gained more life as pops of colors were added to the furnishings.

living area

A living area sits in the middle with a wide wall system. You can also see that the furniture has varying colors too.


The kitchen adapts that color variation through the hanging cabinets. And that kitchen island had nature’s touch with its wooden facade.

small library

This is what intrigues us most. A small library that seems like framed with white.

dining area

The dining area sits near the window with different colors in it from the green table to the pendant lights.

working area

This is the working area complete with shelves and that yellow library.


When you enter one of the bedrooms in the house, this is what will welcome you. Very artistic indeed.

minimal design

This bedroom has purple and white combinations maintaining a minimal appeal.

side table

Look at that side table! It used a huge bottle for the stand. This is a good DIY idea!

wooden accents

This bedroom has green walls and some wooden features. The rest of the bedrooms in come in different colors too.

pink walls

While this one has pink walls which also have a minimal look and simple pendant lights on both sides.


We so love that colorful blocks on the walls! Guess we can DIY that too using even mere cardboards. But this one was done with upholstered wood if we are not mistaken. Whatever material they used, it looks really lovely!

ceiling green

Another interesting area of the house is this desk with a branch that mimics the look of a tree while painting the ceiling green. Fun!

kids bedroom

To add more fun in this kid’s bedroom, colorful cabinet handles were used in this wardrobe that have open cubbies for toys.

Hsiehs House

The bathroom may be small but it sure has everything one needs in it like a tub and a shower.

You have just seen how much light can change the look of a home. That is why, it is important to have windows around. Some even add skylights too for more daylight to enter the interior. Good thing, House Design found a solution to the dilemma of the owners of the Hsieh’s House. The way their house turned out will surely make them feel happy instead of being depressed. Even lighting has an impact to one’s feelings. That is why, a well-designed interior is a must for homes since it is our abode for resting and relaxing.