Fossil: Recycled Waste Paint is a New Furniture Material

If you have some excess paint at home, you would just keep it in your storage and it would stay there for a long time until you would need it again. Sometimes, storing paint could be messy especially when they get spilled and when some of them could no longer be used. Imagine how a paint factory would look like with bunch of paints around it. It would really be dirty especially for polyurethane paint because when it is mixed with reactive components, it becomes a waste. The paint then ends up in the dump.

To answer this problem, an Israeli product designer gathered wasted paint and developed a method for collecting and processing them and use them to create beautiful objects and furniture. Shahar Kagan is indeed a genius for being able to make use of wasted paint. A mold was created for collecting the waste paint and then it is left to dry. The paint then reacts with one another and the result vary too. This process results into chunks of solid paint that looks like sedimentary rock which is the outcome of thin layers of random colors and designs from paint. He calls this material as the Fossil.

Recycled Waste Paint Cans of waste paint- who would think that these could be used as a new material for a furniture?

Fossil Paint Various paint mixed together and let dry creates an interesting look.

New Furniture Material Because of the process, no two areas of the Fossil are the same.

artistic style But it does look really beautiful and artistic.

furnitures It can even be used to create furniture like this. Just beautiful.

furniture designs Aside from the interesting look of the Fossil, the furniture design itself is unique.

Fossil Paint You can also attach handles and other hardware on the Fossil just like how you can work on wood.

artistic design I love the look of the faces of these furniture. It is like something we do in Art class.

abstract design But it isn’t actually the same as what we have in Art class because this takes an entire process.

cute drawer It would take four months to dry the entire Fossil before it could be used. Now that sure is a long time!

abstract cabinet design But the waiting is always worth it! Just look at the output!

artistic jewelry He also made jewelry and other items using the Fossil.

Fossil Paint Expect the work area to be this messy when you are dealing with paint.

I really admire people who are able to make use of waste and turn them into something totally amazing! I’m not sure if you could remember the Newspaper Wood, it also made use of waste newspaper to make a new material that looks like wood. This time, it is paint that could be used to create a material for furniture and other items. – Shahar Kagan did an amazing job with the items presented above. He carved, sanded, drilled and laser-cut to create furniture from waste paint. It sure is very impressive indeed!