Unbuttoned Collection: Pin-Up Inspired Furniture

I know we are all familiar with what pin-ups are. If you recall the beautiful ladies who resembled the look and with fashion of Marilyn Monroe, these are the ones that inspired the design of the furniture that we are going to feature today. If you have seen beauty and seduction in Pin-Up clothes, you will see the same in this collection of furniture.

This is called the Unbutton Collection that seems to show the unbuttoned top of the girls. It has a provocative retro style. It is an elegant decor that is at the same time beautiful and imaginative. It is designed by a talented Romanian designer Cristina Bulat. She designed bedside tables and side boards with this retro style. Let us take a look at them below.

The collection has a deep visual impact with a stylish unbuttoned detailing inspired by Pin-Up models.

Pin-Up Inspired Furniture When you look at it, it has buttons on the lower part as well which are actually the handles of the drawers.

Unbutton Collection It is a beautiful piece when added to the bedroom and in other spaces as well.

drawer design The slits add character to the function of the pieces.

blue bed side table What you see here is a blue bed side table. It does look pretty with the slit on top!

slit cabinet design Soon, it will be available in a large variety of colors!

handle drawers A closer look at the slit of the drawer which can actually be used as the handle too.

Unbutton Collection Here is a short background about the collection.

Designer Cristina Bulat really did a great job for this collection. I would love to see more of it! This reminds me of a different collection that is inspired of how we wear clothes using buttons, belts and buckles. But this has a different design too but they are both equally stunning and creative!