Teakopia: A Stainless Steel Hammock to Last a Lifetime

Isn’t it nice to swing and relax on a hammock? Imagine yourself taking a rest on a hammock in your garden or patio or balcony. It would really be very comforting and relaxing especially if you get a good view of nature’s beauty while you get to breath in the fresh air. But I know most of you have experienced having a broken hammock when they were used for years. This is natural because of the material used for the hammock. But today, we will show you one hammock that could last a lifetime.

Teakopia is a hammock made from teak and stainless steel. The combination made it sturdy allowing it to last a lifetime in any environment you will place it. One feature of this hammock is that it has a perfect blend of support and flexibility. We will know more about this product through the video and images below:

hammock When not in use, this hammock can be a beautiful backyard decoration because of its design.

Teakopia hammock It is also available as a double hammock which is 58 inches wide and 83 inches long to accommodate two people.

hammock design With this hammock, you don’t have to worry about ropes that may dig into your skin because everything is hidden inside the teak wood which is the bed body.

o rings hammock It uses o rings and cables that can support up to 2000 pounds. So, for sure it won’t rip when you sit or lie down on it.

stainless steel The stainless steel parts used in the teak hammocks is the same used on ship rigging with world class yachts.

Teakopia hammock For sure, with a hammock as beautiful as this, we would love to use it anytime of the day wherever we want to!

The Teakopia is designed by David Yarbrough comprised of over 200 individual pieces of heartwood teak and one continuous piece of nylon coated stainless-steel. It is comfortable, durable and have good airflow.