Banjooli Collection: Colorful Outdoor Furniture for Moroso

Some people love to buy furniture and other items by set. This way, they would match and have a unified look. This is true for people who like to see everything in uniform or at least be related to each other. Eclectic interior may not work well for them. So, if you are this kind of person, then you will be pleased to see this outdoor furniture that will surely be a lively addition to your porch or your yard.

This outdoor collection is designed by Sebastian Herkner who got his inspiration from the mating dance of male ostriches (banjooli in Wolof language) who stretch their wings to display their beauty to the females. You will see that in the patterns of the furniture that are part of the Banjooli Collection. I like how it is done especially that it is merely hand woven. What is more interesting about it is that it is hand woven.

Sebastian Herkner The collection is comprised of a bench, two side tables, and a lounge chair.

Moroso Seen here is designer Sebastian Herkner who did the weaving of the chairs and tables.

Banjooli It used colorful threads that are usually used fo fishing nets.

Colorful Outdoor Furniture And I really like how this is done. The weaving is just lovely!

handwoven furniture Since these are handwoven, it has flaws too but it does look perfect from afar.

woven threads When you look closely at the woven threads, it is really impressive.

Banjooli And the color combinations used for it are just lovely.

This new collection for Moroso is far from the usual boring outdoor furniture that we see in our gardens. With this one, we can add color to our outdoor sitting area. It would definitely be more fun to stay outdoors with a classy furniture like this!