TULL Lamp: A New Take to Classic Workshop Metal Lamps

We are all familiar with the metal work lamps that we often see in old movies. Of course they still exist these days and are still useful too. Whenever I see a metal lamp, what comes to my mind is a workshop because of its industrial look. And yes, it is really used for that. But with this lamp that we will feature today, you will change the way you perceive metal lamps.

Gone are the days where metal lamps are merely referred as classic lighting because Tommaso Caldera reinterpreted it into a modern lighting fixture. He calls it the TULL lamp. This lamp is designed for Incipit using spun aluminum shell for the diffuser and curved steel wire for the cage. This lamp managed to achieve a modern vibe despite its classic root.

Tommaso Caldera TULL lamp comes in different color combinations in modern tones.

pendant light The cage isn’t there to protect the bulb, rather, it is a sculptural detail.

TULL lamp Metal Lamps Try imagining how the shadow of this lighting would like. It would definitely be unique!

lamp design If you think it is just simple and doesn’t need much planning, you are wrong.

lamp metal TULL lamp The designer put his heart and effort into designing this lovely modern lighting.

Tommaso Caldera, who designed the TULL lamp did great in this new take of a classic workshop metal lamp. Imagine how pretty it will look like above your dining area or even your kitchen island. They’d look lovely when put together in different colors! There are lots of awesome lighting that sometimes we just miss but we will be showing you more amazing lighting designs on the days to come. Stay tuned!