The Bride Lighting Exudes Feminine Beauty

From the name itself, we will already know that it would look “feminine”. The Bride is a collection of lighting that ranges from ceiling lamps that come in two sizes to floor lamps and table lamps. But they all have that gorgeous appeal from braided paper. Yes, it is made from paper where light gets through it creating a dramatic aura and an airy lightness.

This lovely lighting is created by Latvian design studio mammalampa. It is entirely handmade which means that every item would vary depending on the pattern made by the weaver. This suits the name of the lighting because every bride is unique and will never duplicate the personality of another bride. Same is true with The Bride lighting.

mammalampa At first glance, we will be reminded by Rapunzel because of the braided paper that seems to mimic a bride’s hair.

The Bride Latvian design studio Lighting design Kindred floor lamps in two different sizes could add some stylish appeal to a space may it be the bedroom or even the living room.

feminine lights Feminine Beauty When you look closely, you will see that The Bride was carefully woven or braided from paper. And that there is really something about the light that goes through it.

ceiling lamp version The Bride A ceiling lamp version of The Bride. This sure exudes a different level of beauty same as how a bride looks like during her wedding day.

This is one unique lighting especially that it has a gender. The Bride is obviously feminine and the mammalampa will surely struck the hearts of every female with this lighting collection. It has a light feel as if it defies gravity. It illuminates a space with a stylish drama creating a romantic yet serene aura. Who would have thought that paper can be this gorgeous?