Shift Collection: Colorful and Sleek Modern Storage

Having shelves as well as other storage areas for the home is important. This will give us spaces where we can keep and store some items that we need in the house. Or it can also be used as a space to display collections and other home decors. Shelves are also space savers especially those that are placed on the wall.

What we are going to show you are creative yet simple shelving designs called the Shift Collection. They are actually like boxes stacked on top of one another to create a lovely storage. It comes in different styles depending on the available space in your home. It can actually be perfect for commercial use too. Here are the images of the Shift Collection:

Shift 30 has a natural design with the color of walnut veneer with texture of bamboo plywood. This wall unit may also be available in various colors and materials.

Shift Collection The Shift 48 has a classic edge but with a modern appeal.

colorful storage design The Shift Connect is comprised of eight fun and colorful storage. It has colors with a blend of grays and vermilion red as well natural ash veneer.

Sleek Modern Storage Shift Corner is obviously designed for a corner. It has a dynamic sculptural unit that interlock to create nooks.

Shift Collection The Shift Lounge is a wall-mounted cabinet comprised of five rectangles.

In this collection of wall-mounted cabinets, you will see a lovely composition of colors, materials and form. It showcases a balance of beauty and function that we are all looking for in a home item. This is fromThink Fabricate who never failed to design amazing home furniture for us. With the Shift Collection, we can maximize a small space, use an entire wall, or take advantage of a corner. There are so many ways we can use these beautiful and modern wall mounted cabinets!