Popup Lighting: An Origami Inspired Deer Wall Light

Can you remember those animal heads installed on the wall for decor? Most of the time these are seen in hunter’s home where they stuff heads and preserve them as part of their collection. But of course, other homes also have it yet not as plenty as those in a hunter’s home. But there are also other more animal-friendly versions of it like those made from ceramics, cardboard, paper and others. There is even a lighting that mimics the look of a deer.

This is called a Popup Lighting that is origami-inspired taking the form of a deer. The Deer Head Light Fixture is a playful geometric twist on taxidermy bringing light and art together in the walls. It is a lightweight design that is easy to mount on any wall. Let us watch the video about the lighting below:

Chen Bikovski You can add this wall light anywhere you want to and it will bring the same stunning effect.

Popup Lighting It can even make your space more romantic and dramatic.

sculptural Deer Light Its sculptural form makes it a wild ornament for your interior.

Origami lamp You can also place two lighting beside each other and get an even more gorgeous effect!

bed wall lamp design It is integrated with LEDs that will brighten any room!

Deer Light When not lighted, it looks like an origami wall art but it comes to life and grows horns when the light is up!

Brilliant and very artistic design! Chen Bikovski was very creative to come up with this idea. What I like most is how the deer take a beautiful form when it is lighted. The horns created through the light are a stunner! This would be an exciting piece for our interior!