15 Stone Walled Kitchen Designs

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Walls at home are signs of stability and strength. When you think about it, walls are not load bearing materials that carry the weight of the house, but it sure helps the posts or columns that our house have to be able to allow our homes to stand and provide us with shelter. In terms of design, walls can either be covers for gaps in between two columns, while for interior design and even in planning, walls can look the same or similar to one another depending of the space – like the living room, dining room or in the kitchen, sometimes, for designers, they create walls which are called accent walls that has a different look, color or texture than others which holds the beauty of the entire walls.

Today, we will be showing you photos of 15 Rustic Stone Walled Kitchen Designs that serve as accent walls for the spaces we have on our list. They differ in color, sizes, shapes and even in kind. All in all, there are a couple of different types of stones available to us, it’s just up to the client or the designer if they’d rather go for the material which is available locally or would they want specific stones available in other places and have them exported to the construction site. So, today, let us go ahead and check the photo we have for you today.

750 South Ocean Blvd

South Ocean

Claremont Companies

The color palette of this kitchen is sure perfect for a kitchen – its light-colored nature signifies cleanliness. Something we all need in a kitchen.

Bentley Premier Builder’s European Inspired Model Villa

European Inspired

Bently Premier Builders

The rustic nature of this space like any other rustic-inspired spaces tend to be more on the brown spectrum. From the color of the stones, to the color of the kitchen island and the pendant lights.


Spot Design

Spot Design, Inc.

The brownish color of this kitchen is a bit lighter than the one before this. The color of the stones used for the walls are cut into brick sizes and attached to one wall for accentuation. The brown and the black colors make this room a bit contemporary and masculine.

Bruce Graf

Bruce Graf

Graf Developments

The color of this kitchen is divine! The walls, the flooring and the cabinets are in line of the family of white and beige which makes this space clean and feminine. The brownish colored island accents the room with its color and the pendant lights are simple, but catchy!

Coastlands House

Coastlands House

Carver + Schicketanz

This Coastlands House has a small kitchen but definitely pretty! The stone wall pattern is unique – it’s like the stones were just put together wherever each piece would fit. It’s actually cute since the stones come in different shapes and sizes.

Corona Del Mar Beach Bungalow

Beach Bungalow

By Design

We like the lines that this kitchen has – it’s sleek and sophisticated, but all the same time, this kitchen space has wonderfully chosen materials and furnishings. The stone wall’s color is lighter than the doors and the island which complements one another.

Eldorado Stone

Eldorado Stone

Eldorado Stone

The dark stone walls and the flooring complement the light colored cabinets, and some part of the walls.

Farmhouse Stone

Farmhouse Stones

Timeless Kitchen Design

This farmhouse kitchen has traditionally designed cabinets and island which makes this space more homey and the stone wall makes this space seem rustic and from the olden times.

Kings Creek

Kings Creek

Echelon Custom Homes

This kitchen seems a bit Mediterranean in its color palette of browns, yellows and a bit of reds here and there. Some greys are visible too in the stone wall by the range and the fridge.

San Diego Kitchen

San Diego

GDC Construction

If you plan on making a space look more rustic and feel like in the Flintstones era, the use of larger pieces of stones and wood makes you achieve that aura. One thing amazing about this space is that the designers used two-tones of wood for the cabinets, doors and the island which gives it the rustic glow.

Snake River Residence

Snake River

Jonathan L. Foote & Associates

If you like nude colored stones for your walls, this photo is the best option. We can always ask the designers what type of stones these are in case you wanted to know more about the product. And by the way, did you notice that the walls complement the colors of the cabinets.

Sub-Zero And Wolf

Sub Zero

Sub-Zero And Wolf

Shiny wooden floors and shiny appliances! The textured stone walls contrast all those shiny items to make the room complement each other more. The designers also did a good job in making the wooden moldings.

The LeBlanc-Cox Residence

LeBlanc Cox

Charles Todd Helton Architect, Inc.

Combining browns with greens is rare even when these colors relate to each other well, because sometimes, when not careful, this combination makes one space seem more like a forest of some sort rather than you wanted to achieve. So far, the designers did a good job in mixing these colors together.

Weinstein Residence

Weinstein Residence

Process Design Build LLC

Colors of the brown spectrum couldn’t look more striking than these – thanks to the different degrees that were used for each part of this kitchen. The walls, the floor, the stone wall and the cabinetry!

Wye River Estate

Wye River

Pyramid Builders

This space looks really regal and rich in terms of the furniture and furnishings that were used. We love the chandelier too much; we’d like to bring it home! Not to mention that the floor looks stunning too!

And that was our list of the 15 Rustic Stone Walled Kitchen Designs that we have compiled for you guys! We liked the photos as much as the clients did when have seen their kitchen spaces! The designs were all in all beautiful, eye-catchy and interesting. Thanks to the wonderfully planned kitchen designs which allowed home-owners to have a lovely kitchen to cook in and even eat in, we can say that bringing in something from mother earth back to our homes makes one’s space more and homier every day! Please do check on Traditional Style Eat-in Kitchen Designs for more inspiration and tell us what you think about them!