A Modern House Encounter of a Lithuania Family House

A Modern House Encounter of a Lithuania Family House

In one of the recent posts, we have shared with you a collection of Modern House Architectural Design Inspirations. You have amazingly noticed for sure the variety and the artistic touch the designers put onto those houses. But eventually, we would want to see a whole lot. When you talk about wholeness, it would include the interior designs from the living room, bathroom, bedroom and dining area. This way, it would be easier to plan specific stuff for your own house, could it be the colors of the light, the furnitures and their arrangement.

Nowadays, a Modern House becomes an elegant yet still comfortable sanctuary a family would love to stay at. With the gush of technology, the updates of furnitures and of course – designs have been a lot more appealing than the usual. It really doesn’t have to be extravagant, it has to be creative and neat instead.

Today, we are going to show you around the Family House located at Kaunas, Lithuania near the Jiesia Landscape Reserve. This modern house belongs to a firm owner with three (3) other family members which elegantly stands on a hill and is surrounded by a river valley. Constructed by the Architectural Bureau G.Natkevicius & Partners, the area graciously measures 984 sqm. Just exactly what the whole architectural design needs. Here goes the view of the house…

House Exterior
The structure’s facade is composed of Trespa Athlon panels in graphite color.

House Outside View
The reason that the house is surrounded with glass is because of the amusing view that encompasses the whole place.

House Living Room
The living room is also intended to catch a good glimpse of the astonishing view that surrounds the house.

House Dining Area
On its dining area, the owner has chosen white furnitures to add elegance to the whole design. This area is smoothly connected to the house’s staircase and its living room.

House Hallway
This is the house’s hallway that leads to its kitchen.

House Relaxation
A part of the house’s recreation area is its sauna, jacuzzi and notice its terrace on the right which will lead to your comfort upon seeing soothing views.

House Staircase
The incomparable staircase leads you the house’s bedrooms and relaxation area.

Modern House at Night
Here goes a view of the house at night time. The lighting used is Promodus IO.

Front Part of Modern House at Night
Take a look at the Modern House’s front view and notice the lights used.

House Staircase
Notice how carefully planned this modern house is with the authentic house plan.

Life in modernity and solitude isn’t impossible. We have seen it in the design that has been made in the photos shown above. A tour around the place gives a lot more inspiration to those who seek comfort in a house that’s cool enough. When you’re a nature lover where the view around you gives that much of a relaxation, this could be perfect for you. A location that’s both fantastic and safe makes a good dream house.

This Modern House located at Kaunas, Lithuania gives one great credit of a really amazing architectural hit for Architectural Bureau G.Natkevicius & Partners.

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